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    Ring-a-Ding Feathers and Bedlam While Bathing

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May I take this opportunity to introduce you to someone rather special, rather unique, someone with a grasp on the oblique, the swerved. A personage - if you will- who truly knows the parameters of lightheadedness, one who can careen sprightly with the askew, climb briskly out of the perpendicular & yet remain anti parallel. It is with great clanging, ringing, ding dinging, pealing, telling ringy dingys, chimes, & a smattering of tinkles that I give you --- ME!

I am Creshendo, your--bbrrrrrring-rrrrinnnnnnng-ring Ringmaster!




Co-Flounder Green Greenwald
Scott Free
Schlepp Polski
Pinky Champagne
The One and only MANGO BELINNI!
Deadly Peril

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